Trust Pharmacy Review – Reliable Network With Excellent Reviews

Trust Pharmacy, at first glance, is not an extraordinary pharmacy. However, once you get to know the store through its products and available information, the shop is sure to impress.

Trust Pharmacy, though, is not a singular store, as many of us believed. The name “Trust Pharmacy” is actually the pharmacy network name—this means that there are multiple websites named as Trust Pharmacy with the same contents but have various web addresses. Companies like Trust Pharmacy are legal despite them being composed of multiple networks; they are licensed under Canadian Pharmacy Ltd and have had its license since 2001.

Trust Pharmacy has good reviews, but in some cases, dealing with these kinds of online drugstores is tricky considering there are an awful lot of scammers taking advantage of the existence of network pharmacies. Some scammers use copies of these benign networks so they can steal traffic and eventually steal from buyers as well.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

To ensure that the stores belonging to the Trust Pharmacy network are benign, we took it upon ourselves to research on the available customer testimonials for Trust Pharmacy stores. We don’t know what to expect at first, but as clues regarding this pharmacy network surfaced, we came to conclude that the shops were doing the consumers a great deal of service. Take a look at these testimonials below:

Buyer Reviews for Trust Pharmacy
Buyer Reviews for Trust Pharmacy

Buyers appreciated the fast service from Trust Pharmacy stores. According to one user, he received his orders faster than he expected and also made mention how the Trust Pharmacy staff assisted him in placing his orders in the store through phone.

One user, on the other hand, stated that he likes the Trust Pharmacy shop because the store’s customer support team kept him abreast of his order’s progress. Besides this, he also appreciated how the shop had a wide selection of products available at his fingertips.

Regular buyers also have left their comments for Trust Pharmacy, like one client who revealed that it was her 2nd order from the shop to date. According to her, the items did not stay long at the customs department, hence cutting the parcel transit time to just 10 days.

Trust Pharmacy Online

The network Trust Pharmacy is composed of several similar-looking websites with different domain names. All of the Trust Pharmacy drugstores we’ve come across are fully functional and are capable of servicing consumers by sending them high-quality pills approved by the FDA.

According to Trust Pharmacy, the company sources its medicines from various manufacturers worldwide—there was no specific country where the drugstore network sources its medicines; apparently, the company has various sources so Trust Pharmacy is able to get the lowest prices for the medicines.

Trust Pharmacy Website
Trust Pharmacy Website

Medicines sold by the Trust Pharmacy network include OTC, herbal, skin care, and prescription medicines. Buyers were not obliged to send their written scripts to the shop so their orders may be processed. However, buyers are strongly suggested to consult their doctors first before purchasing any drug on Trust Pharmacy shops.

The most popular shop products include the following medicines:

  • Nolvadex: $0.52
  • Cialis Soft: $1.11
  • Lasix: $0.25
  • Prednisolone: $0.32
  • Amoxil: $0.39
  • Clomid: $0.44
  • Valtrex: $2.66
  • Metformin: $0.26

These medicines have prices that are at least 50% cheaper than most online drugstore prices. Prices such as these help the buyers maximize the value of their money for their medicines, allowing them to spend their extra cash on other important expenses.

Customers of Trust Pharmacy can enjoy free shipping if their orders are at least $200, but buyers with orders less than $200 can still avail of a cheap shipping charge ($9.95) regardless of location.

Payments for the orders are done via VISA and MasterCard debit or credit cards, which made it convenient for the consumers to purchase their medicines from any Trust Pharmacy store.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

We found a coupon/discount code for the consumers of Trust Pharmacy stores. According to the coupon, buyers will be able to avail of a 10% discount on their orders when they enter the code UC-2368 during checkout.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Code
Trust Pharmacy Coupon Code

Customers can also avail of a free shipping service for orders more than $200 for the regular shipping service, but the Trust Pharmacy stores are offering EMS or express shipping for orders exceeding $300.

Free Shipping Offer from Trust Pharmacy
Free Shipping Offer from Trust Pharmacy

Free pills are also offered by the Trust Pharmacy stores regardless of order size. However, customers with more orders are given 10 freebie pills or sometimes, more.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

Trust Pharmacy stores are reachable through their phone numbers posted on every Trust Pharmacy platform. The numbers are +1-718-487-9792 if you are in the US, and +4-420-3239-7092 for the UK customers.

Customers can trust the Trust Pharmacy attendants to answer their inquiries via phone, but in case the shop’s support team is unavailable, customers can always use the store’s email function and wait for the reply from support in 8-48 hours.

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

Most online drugstores nowadays are involved in controversies in spam emails and nagging phone calls. We searched the web to try and see if the Trust Pharmacy shops are involved in such activities, but online pieces of evidence suggest that Trust Pharmacy stores are harmless and only intended to serve their consumers the best they can. No ill reports of the Trust Pharmacy websites were posted online, which indicates that the network stores were benign.


The Trust Pharmacy network should be trusted due to the good evidence presented for its service online—the reviews were excellent and the absence of complaints was reassuring. We are giving the shop a perfect 5 in 5 score, but we advise the clients to keep a sharp eye on scammers replicating stores like Trust Pharmacy. For a list of safe stores to use, we suggest making use of our list of TOP Online Pharmacies for the current year.

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