Trust Pharmacy Review – Good Network To Use For Low Priced Medicines

Do you know what a pharmacy network is? A pharmacy network is a group of websites working for one massive company. Usually, websites included in a network look the same as every online drugstore belonging to the same team—their main difference is only their web addresses. Customers may be a little confused whenever encountering pharmacies classified under a specific network—naturally, buyers are freaked out seeing multiple identical shops but with various domain names.

Before dismissing these online drugstores as scam or illegitimate shops, there are things you need to know about network pharmacies:

  • These pharmacy networks are legit: Networks like Trust Pharmacy are accredited and are with the necessary certifications that confirm their validity as online medicine distributors.
  • Network drugstores function similarly to regular online pharmacies: There is virtually no difference in function between network drugstores and independent internet pharmacies, save for one—network pharmacies merely gather orders and forward them to one main processing unit.
  • Network sites are nearly 100% identical with each other: Except for their web addresses, all the aspects of each drugstore involved in a pharmacy network are consistent—prices, policies, products, and virtually everything are the same.

Although networks like Trust Pharmacy are generally safe, scammers make them look bad—since scammers are aware at the enormous pool of consumers attracted by legit pharmacy networks, they have learned to copy the websites to lure in buyers. With this in mind, consumers should check everything about an online pharmacy before resolving to use it.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

One way of verifying if an online pharmacy is reliable (or not) is checking its available reviews on the web. In the same way, we can check if the network Trust Pharmacy is trustworthy based on its existing reviews. Fortunately, a few customer comments are accessible on the web for our reference:

Trust Pharmacy Reviews
Trust Pharmacy Reviews

We were surprised by the positive comments available for the Trust Pharmacy network—buyers commented mostly on getting their products from the store in one piece. Some of the more diverse comments for Trust Pharmacy (featured above) spoke of the store’s reliable customer support team, orders arriving faster than anticipated and effective products. Given the positive experiences of the consumers using the Trust Pharmacy shops, buyers resolved to purchase their medicines again from the store.

Trust Pharmacy Online

Every Trust Pharmacy online shop has the same features and content as the other, which means that we only had to look into one Trust Pharmacy store’s details to know everything there is to the network. According to the Trust Pharmacy shop we looked at, the network started operating in 2001 and worked under the license of the company Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. Although it was not stated where Trust Pharmacy came from or where it is operating from, its Canadian organization accreditations place the network in the Maple country.

Trust Pharmacy Shop
Trust Pharmacy Shop

Most of the products sold by Trust Pharmacy stores are generic in nature, that’s why the products are affordable as opposed to the prices for the same items at brick and mortar pharmacies. Brand name treatments are also found on Trust Pharmacy shops, but they are still cut-rate given the network sources their medicines directly from the manufacturers.

Medicines sold by the Trust Pharmacy shop include items for cholesterol, blood pressure, hair loss, impotence, and plenty others. Products found on Trust Pharmacy are approved by the FDA and may be purchased even without prescriptions. Although the pharmacy laws require the consumers to provide their Rx, Trust Pharmacy products generally do not need an Rx because they are perfectly safe to use—the Trust Pharmacy stores do not have addictive medicines in their line-up.

Customers can purchase their medicines using their credit or debit cards, as long as they are VISA or MasterCard. Shipping provided by Trust Pharmacy shops costs either $10 or $20, depending on the preferred delivery speed of the customers.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Although the prices of Trust Pharmacy stores for their medicines are already some of the lowest on the web, the shops are still offering a lot of deals to help their customers get more value for their money. Here are some of the deals offered by the Trust Pharmacy network:

  • Free shipping for orders more than $200
  • 10% off orders for buyers with orders greater than $200
  • Freebie pills for all customers regardless of their order size
  • Bulk order discounts
  • Special discount codes during special occasions (5 to 10% discounts await the buyers)

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

The Trust Pharmacy stores have their phone numbers available for the customers and they cater to buyer concerns 24/7:

  • +1-718-487-9792
  • +4420-3239-7092

For customers who prefer writing emails instead of calling the support team, buyers can make use of the messaging function provided by each Trust Pharmacy via their “Contact Us” section.

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

We checked if Trust Pharmacy has existing complaints about its performance, like spam calling or spam messaging unwilling clients. Fortunately, no such reports exist for this online drugstore network, which indicates that Trust Pharmacy is reliable and deserving of their clients’ trust.


Network drugstores are groups of online pharmacies that have identical features but have different domain names. These stores primarily function to gather traffic and orders for one main company. Although these networks, like Trust Pharmacy, may seem surprising to their clients, they are legitimate and are perfectly safe to use. Based on the information we’ve gathered for Trust Pharmacy, we found out that the network had good prices for its products and had great reception from its clients. Overall, we recommend shopping in stores linked to the Trust Pharmacy network and give the store a rating of 5 points out of 5.

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