Super Kamagra Vs Super P Force

Combination treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE) are very helpful in patients having both diseases comorbidly, but among the famous generic brands, Super Kamagra vs Super P Force, which is the best?

Super Kamagra from Ajanta Pharma
Super Kamagra from Ajanta Pharma

Both conditions erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are both dreaded but prevalent conditions in the male population. As males begin to age, they have an increased risk of contracting erectile dysfunction due to the aging of the body systems. As the men get older, the blood vessels supplying the penis get smaller (often a consequence of disease), thus causing the beginning of erectile dysfunction. But, not all the geriatric males get to experience ED; age just makes them susceptible to ED, but not all ED cases are age related. Often, the factors are unrelated to age.

Some of the factors contributing to the development of erectile dysfunction in males are: cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, prostate cancer and/or prostatic hypertrophy, stress , emotional problems, anxiety, depression, injury to the penis, bladder, or prostate, spinal cord injury, unknown factors (idiopathic ED), drug abuse, smoking.

On the other hand, premature ejaculation is a condition where patients ejaculate too soon, either before or shortly after penetration, with minimal sexual stimuli, and before the individual wishes to do so. This condition, like erectile dysfunction, has great psychological, psychosocial, and relationship impacts on the individuals diagnosed with the condition. Often, the cause of premature ejaculation is unknown, but here are some of the identified causes of premature ejaculation in males: anxiety, depression, guilt, hormonal problems, injury to the genitals, medication side effect, lifestyle practices (chronic smoking, drug abuse, and alcoholism).

Treatments for ED and PE

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

There are separate treatment modalities for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Usually for erectile dysfunction, the underlying medical conditions are first treated. If the patients still have ED even after the believed causes are already managed, the patients are considered for either surgical intervention or medical management. Surgical intervention is very expensive and a few patients consider the option since they are already old, so medical management is the viable option for most of the patients with erectile dysfunction.

Patients with erectile dysfunction are given PDE5Is or phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors for their ED treatment. There are 3 PDE5Is in the market: Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra by Pfizer), Tadalafil (Cialis by Eli Lilly), Vardenafil (Levitra by Bayer)

These PDE5Is are the ones used for ED treatment and were pioneered by the mentioned brands. But since the costs for these treatments are often too high, patients often resort to generic, high-quality counterparts with the same active pharmaceutical ingredients made by reputable multinational companies.

Premature Ejaculation Treatments

Concerning premature ejaculation, patients who think that they are affected with the disease are not immediately given treatment. It is said that PE can improve over time and as the patients gain more practice. Patients are often advised with control techniques and given counseling to reduce anxiety leading to PE. But when the condition does not improve given the time and the initial interventions, doctors may have to identify the underlying causes of the condition and also consider giving the patients the appropriate treatment. Treatment options for premature ejaculation include: Tobacco, drugs, and alcohol consumption cessation, Antidepressant treatment/SSRI treatment (fluoxetine, paroxetine, dapoxetine, clomipramine, etc.), Tramadol, Topical treatments like creams, gels, and sprays containing Lidocaine and Lidocaine-Prilocaine.

Lifestyle modification oftentimes helps, but in cases where PE is persistent, doctors often advise patients to consider SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) therapy used in treating depression, as these drugs help delay ejaculation significantly. Tramadol is also recommended, as though this drug is used in pain treatment, it is also effective in managing PE. Less systemic options include topical treatments containing Lidocaine, which desensitizes the penis and helps delay orgasm.

Generic PE and ED Treatments: Super Kamagra vs Super P Force

Sometimes, there are cases where patients have both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are comorbid, patients may have to take drugs which target both PE and ED. There are manufacturers which have drugs containing both a PDE5 inhibitor and an SSR inhibitor. For instance, there are meds with Sildenafil Citrate with and an acceptable dose of dapoxetine and fluoxetine, as both PDE5Is and SSRIs stay out of each other’s way. Neither PDE5 inhibitors nor SSRIs do not interact with each other and taking them are generally safe. Patients may be recommended to take combination drugs or may be prescribed with a separate PDE5I and SSRI.

Super P Force from Sunrise Remedies
Super P Force from Sunrise Remedies

Usually, the brand-name treatments available for both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are expensive, so buyers opt for other treatment options which are less costly. There are generic versions of these treatments available in the market and from highly reputable pharmaceutical companies too. Separate generic treatments are available in the market, but the combination treatments are increasingly popular too, and competitors like Super Kamagra vs Super P Force are usually the crowd favorites.


Super Kamagra is made by the company Ajanta Pharma in India. The company started in the early 70s and is now a multinational company supplying medications to 30 countries of the world including the United States, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and CIS. Ajanta Pharma is accredited by the US FDA and is compliant with the World Health Organization’s GMP.

On the other hand, Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd., the manufacturer of Super P Force is a much younger company (inducted in 1993) and is also concerned with pharmaceutical product manufacturing. Sunrise is also a well-equipped company, with research and development facilities aside from its manufacturing units. Sunrise Remedies is ISO 9001:2001 accredited, but there is no information on its other compliance certifications (like GMP etc.).

Super Kamagra vs Super P Force: Contents

Super Kamagra contains both Sildenafil Citrate in 100 mg and Dapoxetine 60 mg. Sildenafil Citrate belongs to the PDE5 inhibitor family which aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, while Dapoxetine is one of the SSR inhibitors used to delay premature ejaculation.

Super P Force also contains both Sildenafil Citrate (100 mg) and Dapoxetine (60 mg).

Super Kamagra vs Super P Force: Usage

Since both medications contain the same active pharmaceutical ingredients, the products are taken in the same way. You can take either drug only when needed, at least 30 minutes before the planned sexual activity. Do not take both simultaneously and never take 2 doses in 24 hours even if you do not find the drug effective, as the side effects may worsen. These two meds are prescription-only, so they are not meant to be taken without a doctor’s advice, although some individuals use these drugs for sexual enhancements. Self-medicating with Sildenafil and Dapoxetine is potentially dangerous as both active ingredients alter the neurotransmitter levels in the body.

Do not take both drugs if you: have heart disease, have hypertension and is taking nitrate/blood pressure medication, on HIV/Hepatitis C therapy, are diagnosed with cancer, have liver disease or metabolic disorders, are taking other ED medications, took alcoholic drinks.

There are common side effects associated with the use of Sildenafil and Dapoxetine like headaches, flushing, back pain, runny nose, and dyspepsia. But you should consult medical help once you experience more serious side effects like these: impaired vision, impaired hearing, tachycardia, arrhythmia, heart attack symptoms (chest pain radiating to the arms, jaw), nausea, vomiting, prolonged and painful erections lasting more than 4 hours, dizziness, failure to have orgasms/failure to ejaculate (due to chronic use of SSRIs).

Super Kamagra vs Super P Force: Price and Reviews

You can find Super Kamagra and Super P Force on the web and there are a number of vendors selling both treatments together. Below are the prices of both drugs in one of the web’s Internet drugstores:

Super Kamagra price
Super Kamagra price
Super P Force 100mg/60mg price
Super P Force 100mg/60mg price

Both products have the same price in one online drugstore (about $3.09 per pill). Since both drugs are generic treatments and are containing the same active pharmaceutical ingredients, there is not much of a difference in their effectiveness either. Let us take a look at reviews for both medications:

Super Kamagra review from an online drugstore
Super Kamagra review from an online drugstore

Super Kamagra vs Super P Force had a few reviews on the internet and they were mostly positive about both products’ effectiveness for ED and PE. The reviewer for Super P Force warns buyers who want to use the product for merely sexual enhancement, though. The user “McLuvin” says that Super P Force is effective, but since the drug contains a SSRI, it’s quite a serious business, so users should not take the drug without being actually prescribed the medication.

Comments for Super P Force on a forum site
Comments for Super P Force on a forum site

Super Kamagra vs Super P Force: Which one is more preferable?

Both the products from Ajanta Pharma and Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. Are generic remedies for the dreaded premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, which would not be manufactured without the local FDA approval and proper clinical testing. I’d say either product is good to take by patients with ED and PE but they should not be used by men who just want to have a better sexual experience. Both Super Kamagra and Super P Force contain active ingredients which are not to be meddled with and should be taken seriously. These are prescription-only meds which should be taken only under the advice of the doctors. Concerning preference, I think both are good and trusted brands for PE and ED treatment.

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