Securetabs Review – A Network Of Pharmacies With Accreditation From Regulatory Bodies

If you regularly shop for your meds on the internet, it is likely that you may have come across drug stores which resemble each other. This may be surprising. However, when you get to know how these sites usually operate, you will know that there is no reason to be afraid about the drug stores. The sites which resemble each other but can be loaded using different domain addresses usually belong to what is referred to a network of online pharmacies. These sites are created by a company looking to get more people to buy meds from them. A good example of such a company is the Canadian Pharmacy Limited which runs the Securetabs drugstore network. This network has sites which resemble the one indicated below:

Securetabs Homepage
Securetabs Homepage

The network sites in this pharmacy network are real and they are legit. They have been accredited by different regulatory bodies which include CIPA and MIPA. Pharmacy Checker which has been offering advice to online buyers regarding the genuine drug stores available on the web which will not steal from them also endorses Securetabs network sites.

Being cautious is necessary when you are buying your meds online. It is easy to get conned without knowing. For example, scammers have taken the look that Securetabs sites have and created their own sites which look exactly the same. If you end up landing on one of the fake sites, unfortunately, you won’t know. Your money and important details will get stolen. By sticking to using real addresses which have been proven by experts, you will remain safe.

Securetabs Reviews

Never form a judgment about a pharmacy network before you look at how it operates. You can get a clear idea about the network’s performance by looking at what its previous users have to say. Here are some comments made by people after sourcing their meds from the Securetabs network drug stores:

Securetabs User Feedback
Securetabs User Feedback

Sarah agrees that it is really hard nowadays to locate an online pharmacy that takes care of all your needs and does this in a courteous way. She says that the kind of service that Securetabs pharmacies offered her was fast. She had to appreciate it. She is happy that the pharmacy network had her product and they managed to get it to her as quickly as possible.

Piter was happy with the customer service and shipment that the Securetabs pharmacy network offered him. This has made him consider ordering his medications again from the Securetabs drugstore network. Barbara claims that she is 100% satisfied. Her order arrived in Sweden sooner than she was even expecting. The contents of her package were just like she had seen them in the advertisement or even better.

Securetabs Online

No one wants to have his or her money stolen while trying to save it by ordering meds online. This is the reason as to why being aware of how the Securetabs pharmacy network will process your payments is very important. Your payments will be handled on a secure server. When we clicked on checkout, we were taken to a site that was utilizing 256-bit SSL encryption. The supported methods of payment are as follows:

Securetabs Payment Options
Securetabs Payment Options

You have the chance to pay using either a VISA or a Mastercard credit card. The orders are usually processed within a period that does not exceed 24 hours since the time when your payment goes through. After the processing, the shipping is initialized. Based on the type of shipping you selected, the delivery time may vary from 3 days to 21 days. People who pay 19.95 dollars for the EMS shipping receive their meds in about 3 to 8 days. Those who pay 9.95 dollars for the Airmail shipping receive their medications in a period of about 14 to 21 days.

Anyone will find medications to treat his or her health problems. With more than 25 drug categories, finding a medication to use is not hard. The drugs don’t require you to have a prescription. To buy meds, you are not required to waste your time while creating an account. People who have bought drugs from the Securetabs pharmacy network have always enjoyed over 80% in savings.

Securetabs Coupon Codes

When you load any one of the Securetabs drugstore sites, the first thing that you find is a huge welcome notice that includes a coupon code which offers buyers a 10% discount. The following is the advert:

Securetabs Promo Code
Securetabs Promo Code

By making use of the promo code IT-4752, you will reduce your medication costs by 10%. Although there are no other coupons on third-party sites, the pharmacy network has enough offers on the official sites. These include free shipping for all customers who buy drugs which cost them more than 200 dollars and an automatic 10% discount for people spending over 200 dollars on their meds.

Securetabs Phone Numbers

The Securetabs customer service phone numbers are the first things you see when you load any of the pharmacy sites in this network. There are two phone numbers. These are as indicated below:

  • +1 718 487 9792
  • +4420 3239 7092

Email is another effective communication method on this drugstore network. To send an email, visit the contact page and fill out your message together with your name, email address and the reason for contact.

Securetabs Spam and Phone Calls

The only way to figure out whether the Securetabs pharmacy network usually spams its clients is through looking for evidence it does. Since we could not find any evidence indicating that the pharmacy network spams people, we had to conclude that it doesn’t.


Based on the evidence available online, the Securetabs pharmacy network deserves a 5-star rating. Some of the obvious great qualities it has include high-quality medications, a customer service department that is willing to help you if you get stuck and cheap prices. The network has managed to serve over a million customers. This is number a pharmacy network can only achieve if it offers unbeatable services.

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