Pharmacy Mall Review – Has Many Years Of Service, Good Reviews, And Easy To Use

Pharmacy Mall is not just “one” online drugstore. Pharmacy Mall is actually a drugstore network, which means that there are several online pharmacies that can be identified with the name Pharmacy Mall. You may have encountered online pharmacies bearing the Pharmacy Mall store name and noticed that they have different domain names—and you may have probably dismissed them as scam sites. Most buyers feel apprehension when dealing with drugstore networks just because of their different web addresses. However, customers should be aware that shops like Pharmacy Mall are safe to use—they have procured the necessary licenses to operate online.

In Pharmacy Mall’s case, it is operating under the license of Canadian Pharmacy Ltd., a company accredited by and a member of organizations like the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, Manitoba International Pharmacists Association, and Pharmacy Checker. Pharmacy Mall is composed of several websites with the same shop name and content but with different domain names so buyers can go visit Pharmacy Mall sites without overloading the server with traffic. Orders gathered by the websites, though, are forwarded to one main Pharmacy Mall website.

Network pharmacies like Pharmacy Mall are safe to use, but consumers should know which Pharmacy Mall network stores are legitimate since some scammers have a predilection to copy drugstore sites to lure buyers into purchasing from them.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Customer reviews are essential because they tend to give future buyers an idea about a store they are merely planning to use. Reading reviews saves the buyers the time, effort, and money since buyers would know a lot about a store they’re planning to use just by reading customer reports intended for the shop in question.

Since this is also our mindset, we tried searching for available Pharmacy Mall network pharmacy reviews. Fortunately, we found several customer comments for Pharmacy Mall:

Pharmacy Mall Customer Comments
Pharmacy Mall Customer Comments

We were surprised that Pharmacy Mall shops catered to consumers from various locations in the world—take the reviews above, for instance. Customers writing their reviews for Pharmacy Mall stores were not only from Canada—customers came from Europe, the United States, Asia, and other locations.

It was a relief that Pharmacy Mall stores were benign, as reflected by the available buyer testimonials. A buyer from France wrote his lengthy review for the Pharmacy Mall shop he used and mentioned that it was his first time writing a review for an online drugstore. According to his report, the Pharmacy Mall shop he encountered was easy to use and was the “best” store he’s ever dealt with. The user recounted seeing popular medicines in the shop and also remembered being surprised at the low price tags of the treatments available on the Pharmacy Mall shop he used. Overall, he’s had a great Pharmacy Mall experience—he was able to maximize his savings and his order arrived in time.

A client from Italy also wrote a good review for one Pharmacy Mall shop. According to this guy, he was able to order successfully on one Pharmacy Mall store; not one, but three times. He mentioned that he did not have to wait long for his orders to arrive since the parcels arrived within the anticipated time frame. Besides the reliable shipping, this user also commended the Pharmacy Mall shop’s well-packed and effective products and also the huge savings that come with purchasing medicines from the store.

Pharmacy Mall Online

Although Pharmacy Mall stores are not as impressive as the modern online drugstores we encounter on a regular basis, it is reliable especially when it comes to fulfilling buyer orders considering it is able to stock a wide range of prescription and non-prescription products.

The network Pharmacy Mall is sourcing its products from various manufacturers across the world—since the company is sourcing the products directly from the manufacturers, prices for the products on Pharmacy Mall are rather low. For instance, customers can purchase impotence treatments there for as low as $0.27—a stark contrast to the nearly $80 per pill cost of the same impotence medications at the local drugstores.

Pharmacy Mall Store
Pharmacy Mall Store

Products seen on Pharmacy Mall websites include medicines for pain relief, digestive system problems, anxiety and other psychological disorders, and plenty of others. According to the Pharmacy Mall shops, medicines available in the stores are FDA approved and are therefore safe and effective to use.

Customers can purchase these medicines even without sending their prescription copies to the shops—the Pharmacy Mall websites are dispensing the medicines in good faith that the buyers are prescribed with the products they’re purchasing. Also, Pharmacy Mall stores can dispense medicines without asking for Rx since medicines on the shop do not belong to the narcotic or habit-forming medicine groups, making them safe to dispense even without Rx.

There is no minimum order required on Pharmacy Mall stores and the shops do not oblige their customers to sign-up before they are dispensed, making it easy for consumers to order their medications from Pharmacy Mall shops.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are available for Pharmacy Mall consumers, but unfortunately, codes were inaccessible at the moment. However, Pharmacy Mall stores are able to offer other deals for the consumers, like for instance, the limited-time savings for the medicines, as seen in the image below:

Viagra Discounts from Pharmacy Mall Stores
Viagra Discounts from Pharmacy Mall Stores

Apart from the discounts, buyers can also enjoy free shipping, freebies, and other special discounts for buyers with large orders.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

Customers can contact Pharmacy Mall stores using their dedicated numbers, which are the same across all Pharmacy Mall websites. Here are the numbers you can use to contact Pharmacy Mall:

  • 1 718 487 9792
  • 4420 3239 7092

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

There were no complaints about Pharmacy Mall sending spam emails or annoying phone calls to their customers. No records exist on the web from pissed customers of Pharmacy Mall—all of them were quite happy with the performance of the Pharmacy Mall shops.


Pharmacy Mall websites offer the best prices for a wide range of medicines for a plethora of clinical applications. The Pharmacy Mall shops are able to offer the lowest prices for the medicines because they source the meds directly from the suppliers. All in all, we believe that Pharmacy Mall is recommendable because of its many years of service, its good reviews, and its ease of use. Rating for Pharmacy Mall: 5 out of 5.

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