Kamagra Gold 50mg Review: Effective Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Kamagra Gold Pills by AjantaKamagra Gold is one among several generic drugs that are used in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. The drug is exclusively used by males who face ED related ailments. The drug’s dosages come in three forms. The commonly recommended dosage is 50mg per day but there are also two other options that are 25mg/day and a 100mg/day. However, due to the lack of a required doctor’s prescription, users can vary their dosages based on how effective they feel the drug is, as well as what amount of the drug heir bodies can tolerate. Contraindications, as listed on Wikipedia [1] include Severe hepatic impairment, low blood pressure (hypotension), Recent stroke or heart attack and Hereditary degenerative retinal disorders

Ajanta Pharma Limited Profile

Ajanta Pharma Factory
Ajanta Pharma Factory

Kamagra drug is manufactured and distributed by Mumbai-based Ajanta Pharma Limited. Ajanta Pharma Limited, established in 1973 has grown to gain a firm grip on a significant portion of the global health industry pie. The firm has over 750 scientists in its five state of the art manufacturing facilities that have aided the company to retain its impeccable reputation over the 4 decades it has been in operation. One of the five facilities is USFDA approved, while one more is currently under the approval process. On their website [2], Ajanta pharma states that it offers a versatile range of products targeting different therapeutic segments for treatment of patients. These products are customized according to the need of each market they are present in. In Asia and Africa, these segments include health concerns such as anti-diabetic, cardiology, gynecology among several other products. In addition, the firm displays quite an impeccable and impressive array of awards on their site, which include Forbes India’s 50 top super companies as well as being listed as one of the leading 100 companies in India as shown on their awards page [3]. Furthermore, the company’s management has over the years, continuously gained attention over its experienced and incisive managerial capabilities.

Clinical Research on ‘Sildenafil citrate’

A multitude of research over the years has led to the statement that sildenafil is the unequivocal medication for ED conditions. In a report by Amanda Burls et.al (1998) [4] entitled “Sildenafil – an Oral drug for the Treatment of Male Erectile Dysfunction”, four top researchers look at the effectiveness and reliability of Sildenafil in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction compared to other treatments of the same, such as placebo and surgery. The report includes past studies into the general prevalence of ED according to certain demographic aspects such as age, health, and marital status. The report further states that the higher prevalence of erectile dysfunction is found in patients suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, heart diseases as well as several other neurological disorders [4]. The authors found that given several other ED medications that exist some of which included surgery, the use of sildenafil would be a respite to both medical practitioners as well as patients. They describe sildenafil as a new technology and novel drug that can be orally used to treat ED [4].

Furthermore, in a clinical study sponsored by Metro health Medical Center in Collaboration with the National Center for Research Resources found on ClinicalTrials.gov (2016)[5], Robert Bahler investigates the effects of sildenafil on heart function in patients with heart failure. The study found that sildenafil led to an increase in the exercise capabilities of the patients. This was as a result of the reduced pulmonary and systemic vascular resistance as well as significant left ventricular relaxation. The latter, a true indication of the same effect that sildenafil has on the walls of veins that take blood to erectile tissue that leads to their engorgement.

In another research on behalf of the African Sildenafil study group found in a journal [6] I.P. Levison et.al seeks to appraise the efficacy and safety of sildenafil citrate for the treatment of ED in men in Egypt and South Africa. The authors measure the effectiveness of sildenafil relative to an individual’s assessment on the international index of erectile function (IIEF). The 12 week randomized, the double-blind research found that sildenafil was a more efficacious and well-tolerated treatment for men with ED. Out of the 279 men who partook in the research, those who were treated by use of sildenafil were more satisfied by the medication than those that were treated via placebo. Such satisfaction was based on erectile function, orgasmic function, sexual activity, and overall perception by the patients [6].

Description and Mechanism of Action of Sildenafil citrate

As stated earlier, Kamagra main objective is to treat impotence in men. This is mostly in the common form whereby the man cannot maintain an erection long enough for suitable sexual activity; a problem arises due to insufficient blood flow to the penis. Kamagra formula achieves a solution to this through its active ingredient, sildenafil citrate that is the main ingredient in other known ED medication such as Viagra. Now, during sexual arousal, nitric oxide is easily released into the erectile penile tissue to activate the action of enzyme guanylate cyclase (GCAP). This activating protein, on the other hand, increases the levels of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) whose main function is to relax smooth muscle tissue [1]. It also leads to vasodilation of blood vessels’ muscles leading to an increase in the blood flow to the penis’s erectile tissue, which gets engorged, and thus resulting in an erection. Sildenafil also inhibits the action of phospodestraterase type 5 (PDE5). Pde5 serves to prevent blood flow into the penis and thus leads to loss of an erection. Now once this enzyme, pde5 is inhibited, CGMP is more effective at aiding the achievement and maintenance of an erection [1].

Kamagra Gold 100mg Effects for Erectile Dysfunction

Sildenafil citrate action in the body requires intervention since one has to be sexually stimulated in order for Kamagra Gold effect to kick in. This allows for a proper setting and one could say that the drug’s effect takes place only when necessary. The chemistry behind the inhibitors (PDE5) and activators (CGMP) properly serves to maintain an erection for an approximate period of four hours.

Recommended Doses and Duration of Therapy

Kamagra Gold 100 mg come in the blue little diamond shaped like pills which are often available in a pack of four pills. According to inhousepharmacy.vu (2016) [7]. The medication is administered orally at the recommended dosage of 50mg per day. The drug is however also available in dosages of 100 mg and 25 mg. The choice of the dosage entirely relies on the personal tolerance and perceived effectiveness of one’s current dosage. Kamagra should be taken an hour before sexual activity, however, its maximum effect happens about 30 to 120 minutes after intake and the general effect of the drug lasts for as long as four hours [7]. While the drug is used on a need be basis, patients are advised not to use more than one dosage per day since this could lead to poisoning and increase the severity of side effects.

Side effects and Warnings

Kamagra Gold 100 mg tablets are generally tolerated well. However, there is always a chance that one could experience some side effects, especially when overdosed. According to Cure.Care (2016) [8], Common side effects include nasal congestion, headache and dizziness, flushing and indigestion, diarrhea, and mild rash. More serious side effects can be in the form of abnormal heartbeat, urinary tract infection characterized by stinging/burning urine, and a frequent desire to urinate, blood in the urine can be present, changes in vision such as blurring can occur, consistent headache or fainting, even bleeding from the nose is possible.

Drug Interactions

Drugs.com [9] lists 460 drugs that interact with the main active ingredient of Kamagra, sildenafil. These interactions are classified according to their effects as either major, moderate or minor. The site’s interaction classification explains that interactions listed as major imply highly clinically significance whereby the risk outweighs the benefits. Moderate interactions imply that the drugs can be used under special circumstances while minor interactions contain the minimal clinical significance [6]. Among the 460 drugs, 40 were found to have major interactions while those that interacted with sildenafil moderately are 411 and lastly only nine drugs were found to have minor interactions with sildenafil. Furthermore, on a general and common basis people who use protease inhibitors for HIV treatment should reconsider the use of Kamagra. Other major common drugs that interfere with the metabolism of sildenafil include erythromycin and cimetidine [1]. According to kamagrawiki.org (2016)[10], common Kamagra Gold interactions include Saquinavir, Fluconazole, Mibefradil, Ketoconazole, Ritonavir, Itraconazole, and alcohol.

Customer Reviews

Kamagra Gold Customer Experience
Kamagra Gold Customer Experience

Kamagra Gold 100 mg is one very common and popular drug, and as such, an acceptable level of performance would be a logical deduction. The patients of the drug seem to have an overall positive vibe towards the use of Kamagra Gold. However, there were common reports of minor side effects due to the use of the drug. Most of these reports were, however, from people who explicitly stated that they had acquired the drugs online and, thus adding the chance that the drugs could have been contaminated.

Kamagra Gold Consumer Report
Kamagra Gold Consumer Report

Such reviews can be found on the thread “just bought some Kamagra” found on forum.bodybulding.com (2016) [11]. As of others who declared having got Kamagra Gold Sildenafil 100 mg from a reliable source, they show content and . This was especially so to those who used the gel version as opposed to their tablet using counterparts.

Kamagra Gold 100mg Price, Available Forms, and Dosage

Kamagra Gold Pricing
Kamagra Gold Pricing

Prices vary according to the manufacturers and distributors of the products. 247worldstorerexe.com (2016) [12] provide the four forms by which Kamagra is sold as well as their respective prices.

Kamagra gold, 100 mg is sold at $3.42 per pill, which is quite steep. Other forms include the Kamagra chewable, 100 mg retails at $4.18 per pill, Kamagra soft (100mg) retails at $4.18 per pill, and finally the Kamagra oral jelly, which retails at $6.10 per sachet.

Kamagra Gold Costs
Kamagra Gold Costs

Pharmstock.net has two types of shipping policies, one is international unregistered mail that does not cost any and another is trackable courier service that costs A$41.37. The shipping cost for this store is flat and fixed for any destination including USA, UK and Australia. Ouzzi.com has a shipping cost to all countries carry a flat shipping rate of 14.00 euros. It didn’t disclose the type of postal service they are providing.

Kamagra Gold in Cart
Kamagra Gold in Cart

Conclusion and Rating

The first kicker I realized about Kamagra Gold 100 mg is its relatively exorbitant prices. Furthermore, there seem to be several records of manifestation of mild side effects. Common side effects documented on online forums include swelling of ankles and headaches. However, when patients look past the side effect they have a general liking of the drug. They express happiness that Kamagra Gold 100 mg, indeed, fulfill their expectations and in several cases, the patients admitted to having held an erection longer than the scientific average duration of 4 hours. There is a whole range of genetic diversity in the world and, as such, the reported cases of side effects of the drug only erode a small part of the Kamagra Gold credibility in treating ED. Furthermore, the parent company of the drug has received far more outstanding accolades in its profession and thus adding to the credibility of the whole spectrum of their products. There is no doubt that Kamagra Gold 100 mg does fulfill its main objective as an ED medication and I would recommend its use with an overall rating of 4 out of 5.

Kamagra Gold Jelly Wiki Facts

  • Brand: Kamagra Gold
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Ajanta
  • Country of Manufacture: India
  • Availability: The USA, UK, EU, New Zealand, India, +

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