Canadian Health And Care Mall Review – 15+ Year Old Pharmacy Network With Excellent Services

When we went online and located the pharmacies which had the title Canadian Health & Care Mall on them, we came up with a number of them. The first thing we noticed is that these pharmacies did not have the exact same look. However, when you look at them closely, you will notice that they have the same color scheme, similar medication prices, same meds, and they also have the same shipping services. This is what is referred to as a pharmacy network. Pharmacy networks are usually composed of numerous websites with various domain addresses but working for one major company using them to get more clients.

This pharmacy network indicated that they had an affiliation with 5 major shipping companies. These are FedEx, EMS, United States Postal Service (USPS), UPS, and Canada Post. This is to guarantee their customers they have the ability to deliver their products on time and safely. The meds that seemed to dominate the pharmacy network advertisement were erectile dysfunction meds. These were on the bestsellers list and at the start of the medication categories. Other meds that you can purchase include weight loss meds, diabetes meds, and more.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Reviews

We were able to find reviews on the Canadian Health & Care Mall sites. The majority of these reviews were positive. We also checked to see whether we could locate any reviews on an external site. We were successful to find some reviews and these were also largely positive. Here are some of the reviews:

Canadian Health & Care Mall Testimonials
Canadian Health & Care Mall Testimonials

From the reviews, you can depict that the pharmacy network works hard to ensure that it is delivering meds on time. The first reviewer says he ordered about two weeks ago and his meds had already arrived. This is impressive to him since other online pharmacies made him wait for three weeks or more.

Shannon ordered from Canadian Health & Care Mall and her order arrived while it was still intact. The meds she received were accurate. After ordering antibiotics, Charles says he got the meds on time. He is satisfied with the medication quality. The price was also great for him. He indicates he will be dropping more orders pretty soon.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Online

This pharmacy network indicates that it was designed to help people save money on their meds. This store makes it easier for their buyers to purchase meds. Unlike other online pharmacy networks which makes it impossible for people to purchase their meds if they don’t create an account, you will have the ability to check out your meds at any of the Canadian Health & Care Mall pharmacies without an account. The drugstore network does not try to force everyone to get a prescription script before they can dispense medications. You will get your meds irrespective of whether you have a prescription or not. Even if you already have the prescription script, you will never be required to send it in.

Canadian Health & Care Mall Main Page
Canadian Health & Care Mall Main Page

The drugs stocked in the Canadian Health & Care Mall drugstores are already approved by the FDA. The stores will never dispense controlled meds. To pay for your meds, you will need to have either JCB, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard, or VISA credit cards. There is also the option to use ACH fund transfer for people located in the United States. Since the payments are handled on a 256-bit encrypted server, the buyers should expect their credit card information to be secure. This pharmacy offers four languages to choose from. These include English, Deutsch, French, and Spanish.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Coupon Codes

The first coupon that we came across was available on the main page of one of the pharmacy network’s site. The coupon code is as follows:

Canadian Health & Care Mall Coupon Code
Canadian Health & Care Mall Coupon Code

By using the Coupon Code HEALTHCARE10, you will have the ability to save an extra 10%. This code is supposed to be applied by the buyer at checkout. The other offers available include free shipping when you purchase your meds in bulk and free pills. The number of free pills will be determined by the amount of money you are spending on your meds. The more money you spend on your meds, the more bonus pills you will get.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Phone Numbers

To get access to this pharmacy network phone number, you will have to look for it on the contact page. The phone number we found is +1-631-371-3659. The company had an email which is [email protected] They also had a ‘contact us’ form in this same page where you would input your details and send them an email. They promised their customers that they would always respond to their queries within a period of 24 hours.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Spam and Phone Calls

The genuine drug stores which operate under the Canadian Health & Care Mall drugstore network are safe to use. They won’t call you or email you trying to make you order from them again. They are very professional. The only time you will find an email from them in your email account is when you have ordered from them and they have crucial information they need to let you know. The drugstore network is famous for delivering drugs on time and delivering the real thing not fake pills packed in an attractive package. There are scam sites which look like they operate under Canadian Health & Care Mall network but they are not. Avoiding these scam sites is the key to avoiding Spam emails and phone calls.


The reason why we are going to rate this pharmacy network 5 stars is because of the numerous positive reviews that they have. Everything about Canadian Health & Care Mall med store network is fine. They offer delivery is quick, they have quality meds, they offer great customer support and they never overcharge their customers.

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