Can Kamagra Kill You?

Kamagra products are indicated for erectile dysfunction and contain Sildenafil Citrate. Kamagra is generally safe when taken under doctors’ orders, but when the products are used without the proper guidelines, Kamagra products can actually be lethal. There is a purpose why Kamagra products are prescription-only; it is because these products have certain drug and disease interactions which need to be considered before the patients are prescribed with the drug. If users are just to take the drug at their own discretion and without the proper medical advice, the drug can harm them instead of causing them good.

Without a proper guide, patients may combine the Kamagra products with nitrates, blood pressure medication, and heart medications which can cause a detrimental lowering in blood pressure. Patients with liver disease, on the other hand, may also be harmed by the product; liver disease can render Sildenafil Citrate un-metabolized, leading to patient toxicity. Kamagra overdose is also lethal, as well as taking Kamagra products along with recreational drugs and other maintenance medication without the advice of the physicians.

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