This site features reviews of products marketed under the brand name of Kamagra. Kamagra comes in different forms and dosages that can significantly affect the efficiency of the drug. That is why we provide a detailed analysis of customer reviews as well as comparison of different medicines.

What We Do

Our contributors have made significant efforts to collect and analyze information related to Kamagra products. In addition to customer feedback, we have studied in detail the effect of the active ingredient of this medication – Sildenafil. The results of various scientific researches of this substance are included in articles for a more complete understanding of the mechanism of action of reviewed drugs. Each product review contains a general conclusion about its effectiveness and reliability. 

Who We Are

This website is in no way affiliated with Ajanta Pharma (Kamagra manufacturer), or any other pharma brand. We are a small independent group of individuals and we do our best to objectively evaluate products and make recommendations in accordance with best available data.

If you notice an error or omission in our work, please contact us and we will be happy to correct or augment our articles.