Online Rx Review – The Answer To The Rising Medicine Costs

Online Rx is a collection of online pharmacy sites that operate as a network to deliver quality but affordably priced meds to the customers who are looking for them. Online Rx’ goal is to become the answer to the rising drug costs that the customers have to put up with. The extreme medicine prices, especially for the prescription medications make it very hard for the people to afford them. Without the meds that they need, patients are in danger of worsening and prolonging their health conditions which would make them a lot more expensive to treat. But with its initiative to become the alternative to customers for overcoming the forbidding medicine prices, Online Rx have successfully helped multitudes in the process, especially those who are without health insurances to cover for their costly medication needs.

Medicine prices may be something that would differentiate Online Rx from local pharmacies but its wide range of products is strikingly similar to the what the local drugstores have. Online Rx has labored to find the most reliable independent pharma companies from various parts of the world to gather a selection of effective but cheap FDA-approved medication for the customers to choose from. Buyers no longer have to endure the difficult prices that their local pharmacies have because Online Rx provides medicines of the same caliber to their clients without charging them as much. In fact, customers can save for up to 80% of the money that they used to spend at local pharmacies when they purchase their drugs from Online Rx.

Online Rx Reviews

Buyers who have been content with the service that they have received will inevitably give some of their personal reviews to a store that they have purchased from. Such is the case for Online Rx and here are some of the reviews for it:

Cusstomer Reviews for Online RX
Cusstomer Reviews for Online RX

A customer from Italy named Piter N. comments that he was very pleased with the shipment of his orders and the customer service. He received his orders without any delays or problems to his delight, enabling him to use his meds on time. Piter N. might have used the express shipping option offered at Online Rx which only takes 5 to 8 days of waiting time, compared to the regular shipping of orders which takes 2 to 3 weeks. The help that he got from the customer service department was also great, encouraging him to re-order very soon in the near future.

Barbara from Sweden is also happy about the same thing as the first customer as her orders have arrived sooner than expected. She was obviously surprised that her orders were able to arrive better than the advertised timeframe for waiting and she was pleased. She further expresses her approval of Online Rx’ services by saying that she’s a 100% satisfied customer.

Compared to the other reviews, what Jacob from France is happy about is the speed where his concerns were addressed by the very helpful customer service personnel that he managed to connect with. He had a minor hitch in the process of ordering at Online Rx’ site so he decided to contact the customer service department for help. His ordering issues were rectified quickly and he was also able to get a speedy delivery of his ordered meds.

Online Rx Online

It should not be a surprise to customers when they encounter pharmacy websites with other domain names having the same interface and appearance as Online Rx since these pharmacy sites are all under its network.

Online Rx Website Design
Online Rx Website Design

When they make an order from any of these network sites of Online Rx, the payments will simply be processed on its main server. A different domain does not necessarily mean that a website is not operated by Online Rx. There are many other different pharmacy domain names under it but all of them are connected to the same grid.

Online Rx Coupon Codes

Cheap prices are not the only benefits that the customers can enjoy at Online Rx since it also generously offers to waive shipping fees on all orders over $200 USD in amount.

Online Rx Special Offers
Online Rx Special Offers

The standard airmail fee usually costs $10 and it’s already a good amount to save for most people. Buyers can also get free pills from Online Rx each time they order and these pills also mean more savings for them. Buyers no longer need to purchase additional pills; Online Rx throws them in for free. An extra 10% discount is also up for grabs to customers who will make large orders, a benefit that buyers should take advantage of.

Online Rx Phone Numbers

At Online Rx, customers can always get help when they need it since it has customer service hotlines open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to make sure that no customer is left behind. Online Rx understands that not all of its customers are familiar with using the computer since most of them are elderly and looking for ways to order their meds without leaving their houses. Its customer representatives are always ready to provide the necessary assistance that its clients will be needing, answering whatever questions they may have and helping them out with their needs the best way they can. There are two hotlines that the customers can contact and the first one is exclusively for North American customers which is +1 718 487 9792 while the other is +4420 3239 7092 for international clients.

Online Rx Spam and Phone Calls

Online Rx respects its customer’s privacy and would never make unsolicited phone calls or even spam their emails with countless useless emails. Clients can only expect to receive a phone call from Online Rx when they request it and the same also goes for emails. Without being requested by the customers, Online Rx would not phone nor send emails.


Online Rx is a decent collection of pharmacy sites that functions as a network to reach many customers and provide them with low-cost meds which are effective and safe. Online Rx strives to become the answer to the rising drug costs that the customers face, providing them alternatives which are just as good but well within their budget. It is a 5-star pharmacy network that the customers can rely on. Check our top recommended providers for a list of pharmacies like Online Rx.

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