Mysecuretabs Review: A Reliable Online Network For Cheap And Effective Drugs

MySecureTabs is an online pharmacies network comprising several websites showcasing the same homepage and selling similar products at very attractive prices. The only difference between the websites is the web address through which you will be able to access the websites.

My Securetabs Homepage
My Securetabs Homepage

It would be impossible for a customer to know the website he is dealing with due to the similarity, making some of them regard the network as a scam which is not the case. All the websites that are linked to the network are legitimate and have complied with verification process set up the agencies that regulate online pharmacies like CIPA, Pharmacy Checker, and MIPA.

Though a customer can submit his order through any of the websites that are linked to the network, the processing of the orders will be done on the main website. This is why all the customers receive the same high-quality medications at all times. No prescription will be required to place an order making the process very simple. One will not have to go to a doctor in order to purchase his medications which will save the time that one would have used for this task.

The security of the details submitted by customers in the process of placing their orders has been assured. When the shipping of the medications will be done, the package will be discreet to ensure that no one will be able to identify the content without opening it.

If there is an issue that one will require assistance in the course of placing an order, the customer service team will be available to help at any time. This could be through making a call or leaving a message using the contact form that is available on the websites that are linked to My Securetabs network.

MySecuretabs Reviews

Simona from the United States is one of the customers who has had a chance to purchase drugs from My Securetabs and he says that he is happy with the services received. The order was delivered on time and the drugs were just as he had ordered. A client, Kaiman, residing in the UK mentions that the process of placing an order at the network is easy and the pharmacy staffs are prompt in the processing of the orders.

Dorothy from Andorra has also been able to purchase drugs from the networks and she says that the services offered are excellent. Any time she raised a query, it was dealt with efficiently. She is also grateful that the prices of the drugs are very affordable and the quality of the drugs is high as well. Samuel from Irish France has been My Securetabs customer for several years and he is grateful for the services that are offered. Besides ensuring that the drugs are shipped with speed, they also keep him updated about the progress of the order.

My Securetabs Customer Reviews
My Securetabs Customer Reviews

Sarah from Spain says that the kind of services that My Securetabs offers to its customers is not easy to come by. She is also grateful for the network for selling highly-effective drugs and the manufacturers who formulated the wonderful drugs.

MySecuretabs Online

My Securetabs offers pharmaceutical products through various websites that look alike when you get to their homepage. The drugs that are sold at the various networks are also the same and it is also notable that the prices of these drugs are the same. Though a customer may be unable to tell the network he is dealing with as a result of the similarity, they should shop with confidence as this is just a marketing strategy to get more traffic. The drugs will be dispensed through the main website to ensure that only the right drugs will be dispensed.

My Securetabs Pharmacy Allergy Selection
My Securetabs Pharmacy Allergy Selection

Customers who have been buying from the network confess that the network has the lowest prices of the medications. This is why those who could not have afforded to purchase their medications can now comfortably buy their prescription drugs. Despite this low price, the effectiveness of the drugs is the same as that of the drugs sold in local pharmacies since the chemical composition is the same.

Looking at the classification of the drugs at the network, it will come to your attention that they are arranged according to the complications that they will treat. This means that the chances of a customer buying the wrong drugs are very minimal. A customer will scroll down until he finds the category that his health complication belongs and when he clicks on it, all the meds that can be used in the treatment will be displayed.

Though My Securetabs does not require a prescription to dispense prescription drugs, customers are advised to seek help from a medical professional regarding the right dose to avoid taking too little or too much of the medication.

MySecuretabs Coupon Codes

My Securetabs is focused on helping their customers pay the lowest possible price for their medications. This is why multiple discounts will be offered on all medications every time an order is placed. For every order whose value is above $200, customers will e able to have the drugs shipped free of charge.

There is also a bonus with every order where customers are given a chance to pick Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra pills which is a good saving. A 10% discount is also offered every time an order is processed at the network.

MySecuretabs Perks
MySecuretabs Perks

MySecureTabs Phone Numbers

Contact numbers are provided below through which a customer can reach My Securetabs customer service team:

  • US customers can use +1-718-487-9792
  • UK customers can use +4420-3239-7092

MySecuretabs Spam and Phone Calls

My Securetabs online network does not involve itself in the sending of spamming requests or making unnecessary reminder phone calls to their customers.


MySecuretabs online pharmacies network is a reliable source of cheap and effective medications to customers from every part of the globe. The several websites which are linked to this network ensure that they serve as many customers as possible. There is no complaint regarding the services offered at the network and as a result, we are giving MySecuretabs sites a 5* rating.

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